The Roofing Process: How Professionals Install Your New Roof

The Roofing Process: How Professionals Install Your New Roof

Jan 25, 2021 | Roofing Tips

Roofing process | How Professionals Install Your New Roof
So, you’re planning on having a new roof installed on your home. This is an excellent investment in your home and will ensure that it lasts for as long as possible!

However, we’re sure you have plenty of questions about how this process works. Thankfully, we’re here to help!

In the article below, we’ll cover the roofing process to give you an inside look at how professional roofing contractors install your new roof! Continue reading to learn more!

Materials Delivery and Existing Roof Removal

Once the roofing project starts, all the materials for your new roof will be delivered by either one of your contractor’s team members or from a store delivery service. These materials will be staged on your property at a location that makes it easier and faster to get them up on the roof.

During this time, the roofing crew will start removing your existing roof. This involves tearing off old shingles to reveal the underlying plywood that makes up the roof structure. All old shingles and felt paper will be removed to give your roof a new, solid foundation to ensure a longer lifespan. If any of the underlying plywood is damaged or rotten, it’ll be torn off and replaced with a new sheet of plywood before continuing.

Prepping the Roof and Installing Base Materials

After the old roof has been removed and any damaged or rotten plywood replaced, the actual installation can begin. First, the new roofing felt paper, also known as tar paper, is laid across the plywood and stapled in place.

Ice and water shields are typically installed in the valleys of the roof for added protection against the weather. Chimneys will also be protected by these ice and water shields as they’re a common location for roof leaks. If the exposed roof is damp, it will usually be left to dry before installing shingles.

Asphalt Shingle Installation

With any plywood repairs complete, new felt paper in place, and a thoroughly dried roof, your contractor is ready to start installing the shingles of your choice. The roofing crew will begin at the bottom of the roof and work their way up, layering your shingles and securing them in place.

With the shingles all installed, your roof vents and pipes may need to be painted to match the color of your new shingles. By painting these accessories, your roofer will ensure that they blend in with your new roof, giving it a smooth, consistent appearance and increased curb appeal!

Inspection and the Final Cleanup

After your roofing contractor is finished installing the shingles, your roof will be inspected to ensure that every aspect of the roof is correct, secure, and stable. Once your roof is confirmed to be completely finished, your property will be checked for any and all fallen debris, trash, shingles, and nails.

Typically, a member of your contractor’s team will run a nail magnet around the edges of your house, walkways, and driveway to pick up any dropped nails or other metal debris that may have found its way into your yard. With all the trash picked up and your property clean and beautiful, the installation is complete!

Final Thoughts

That’s the entire roofing process condensed for you! Now you should have all the information and know what to expect when your roofing contractor arrives to begin the installation. We wish you the best of luck with your new roof! Keep in mind, new roof installation is a job that should be left to the professionals. Simple mistakes can lead to disastrous consequences, including injury, fatality, home damage, and compromises to your home’s structural integrity. Don’t risk your life or your home, call a professional for all your roofing needs!