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If you’re starting to notice major damage on your roof, it’s probably time to have it replaced. Check with a roof replacement specialist first to determine the condition of the roof. However, before you even consider hiring a specialist, you should make sure to ask them a few questions. With that in mind, here are some of the most important questions you should ask of the roofers you talk to.

1. Do you have insurance?

Without a doubt, a roofing contractor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa should have liability insurance and worker’s compensation in order to provide protection to the homeowner just in case an unexpected accident occurs. A worker’s compensation will protect the homeowner if ever an employee gets injured during the process, while liability insurance will protect you from damage caused by the roofer. Without insurance, you will be held liable for medical bills and other costs which is associated with the injury. Since there’s a possibility that your insurance won’t cover such accidents, you will be personally responsible for the expenses.

2. Are you licensed?

Most states will require a roofing company to be licensed; however,              each state might have varying codes. What you should do is to learn the requirements in your area. Also, you should verify if a license is required in your area, and in case it is, go check with your local licensing office to ensure that your chosen company’s license is updated.

3. Are you going to remove my old roof?

There are some roofing contractors who will claim that you can save a lot of time and money by only inspecting your old roof. And in the event all looks well, they will simply do shingling over it. The problem is, if the old shingles are not pulled up, there is no way of knowing if there’s rotten wood underneath the current shingles. If they are left unattended, you could face an even larger and more expensive problem in the future. Don’t just let your roofer put on a new roof without even removing the old one.

4. Do you offer warranty?

Ask if your roofer provides warranty, and if they do, how long will it last. Usually, a roof warranty could last for a year, but some even go longer. The roofer will cover the work, while the manufacturer covers the materials. Since they are two separate warranties, make sure to ask the roofer what is covered under each warranty and the duration of the warranty.

5. Do you give out written estimates?

If you settle into a contract with no proper estimate, unexpected issues might arise in the future. Hence, before you sign a contract, make sure your roofer can provide you with a detailed written estimate. It should include the cost of removing the old roof, the new roof, and anything else that could come up during the replacement process.

6. Do you use subcontractors?

Ask your roofer if they have subcontractors do the roofing job for you. If they do, make sure to ask them the same questions, especially regarding the insurance.

These questions will help you make a good decision when hiring roofers in Cedar Rapids.

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